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TORNADO PHOTOS below were taken  May 10th. & 11th., 2008
By Rod Harsh, Professional Storm-Chaser & State Certified First Responder
Permission granted to use these photos with above name in byline.  Photos have been optimized for faster loading. 
High-Res images are available on request. To copy, right click on photo and "save as" to your pictures files.  
Please send e-mail to: explaining use, or call Rod at (850) 612-0654.
EF-4 TORNADO just east of Hwy. 71 near Neosho, MO.  May 10, 2008
Home on Iris Road & 86 damaged.
Home disintegrated, only the foundation remains.  Home in background is heavily damaged.
Iris Road & 86.
Homes in background heavily damaged. All trees on hills stripped clean.  Storm path appears to be 1/4 to 1/2 mile wide. Hwy. 86 south of Iris Road.
Their home in background was removed from this hilltop near Hwy. 86 south of Iris Road.
Home in background destroyed. Hwy. 86 south of Iris Road.
Home in background destroyed.
Stone Home in background destroyed.
Hwy. 86 south of Iris Road.
SUV blown off road.Hwy. 86 south of Iris Road.
Driver seriously injured in red pick-up. Hwy. 86 south of Iris Road.
Three injured victims are placed in 2 ambulances for transport to Freeman Hospital in Joplin.
Location:  Hwy. 86 south of Iris Road.
Three severly injured when their house was destroyed are placed in 2 ambulances for transport to Freeman Hospital in Joplin.
Rod and his wife provided care to the victims for 45 minutes until this ambualnce arrived. Hwy. 86 south of Iris Road.
Medical aid responds to storm victims.
Hwy. 86 south of Iris Road.
Tree damage, power lines down.

Miles of power lines leveled or damaged.
Hwy. 86 south of Iris Road.
Fences collect personal possessions along with pieces of homes.

Man picks through what remains of his home.
This home was lifted off it's foundation. What remains of a neighbors house is in foreground. 
Hwy. 86 south of Iris Road.
Rod is a professional photographer, videographer, experienced Storm-chaser and EMS State Certified First Responder.  Having documented over 14 land-falling hurricanes and tornadoes, and worked six natural disasters, he has extensive experience  providing help to storm victims and assisting with disaster aid, starting with Hurricane Andrew in '92 to Katrina in '05 and the Joplin Tornado.    Rod was born and raised in Joplin, MO., and has also lived in Florida.

Rod has a law enforcement background, is a State-Certified volunteer firefighter (with fire-rescue experience), is a State Certified EMS First Responder and also maintains press credentials with the American Press Association. He has provided storm footage that has aired on NBC, CNN, The Weather Channel, the Learning Channel, Real TV and many local and 
regional television stations.  His storm documentaries include Before, During and After coverage that has been used as training tools for many Disaster Response & Relief Agencies, and by law firms representing storm victims seeking insurance payments.

Rod was credited by the Reuter's News Service and CNN for the 
apprehension of the first looter related to Hurricane Katrina in Ocean 
Springs, Mississippi, just hours before that historic storm struck the Gulf 

Rod originally utilized a fully-equipped van for documenting storms and providing disaster aid and now uses a Crown Vic Police Interceptor that includes HD video cameras,  a Basic Life Support Kit (BLS), rescue tools, blankets, communications gear, traffic control devices (flags-
flares-reflectors-traffic cones, etc) water rescue ropes & floats,extra batteries for flash lights and radios, and a laptop computer tablet with GPS and Wi-Fi. 
Video equipment mounted in van          Copies still Available by Mail
TORNADO  nears Pitcher, Oklahoma
Taken by John Sparkman
May 13th. 2008 Tornadic Storm enters northeast Jasper County, spawns a funnel cloud.
May 13th. 2008 Tornadic Storm enters northeast Jasper County, MO.
May 13th. '08: Funnel cloud return to clouds.
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Those of you that have a smoke detector, but not a weather radio are only half protected. Do not depend on your cell phone or storm sirens 
alone to alert you to imminent storms. You will get a warning at the 
same time the TV stations get theirs, and every second counts.

Tornados can happen anywhere in the U.S., same with... flash floods and other weather-related disasters. Make sure you have battery back-up, and take your radio with you when you travel or go camping. Have a plan on where and how you will seek shelter and practice it with the whole family. 

(Left) Chase Van on Navarre Beach, FL. after Hurricane Ivan destroyed this part of the Emerald Coast of the Florida Panhandle (above).
One final tip, save your family photos and video on CD and DVD and send copies to friends and family in other states...they are your cherished memories and are always the first thing storm survivors try to find in the wreckage. Good Luck.
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